Member Questions

What documents do I need?

1) A valid State of Illinois Certified Food Protection Manager Certificate (CFPM) for owner/manager/representative of the business (must be on-site at all times when reserved at the kitchen). A valid Food Handler's Certificate for all other employees/helpers.

2) A valid State of Illinois Allergen Awareness Training Certificate, accredited by ANSI, for owner/manager/representative of the business.

3) Illinois State Certificate of Business Registration (also known as Sales and Use Tax ID)
4) Certificate of Liability Insurance (minimum coverage of $2 million general aggregate, $1 million per incidence) with SAAGE Culinary Studio and our address listed as Additional Insured.
5) For Food Trucks/Carts Only: A signed copy of the Inspection Report/License to Operate, provided by the health dept. for a SAAGE membership. The document must clearly list the production work that require a commercial kitchen (ex: prep food, store food, ware-wash) and those that are approved to be done on the truck/cart (ex: assemble product, cook food).

6) Current Driver's License of business owner/manager/representative, all other employees/helpers, and anyone else who will access the facility.

Kitchen Questions

Does the kitchen have any certifications?

No, we are not USDA certified, or allergen-free/gluten-free certified, or have separate vegetarian equipment/stations. Our members are not restricted in the type of ingredients they bring in, as long as they are suitable for human consumption.

I have a pet food business. Can I use your kitchen?

Yes! But the ingredients that you use to prepare your products must be suitable for human consumption.

Can I bring my own equipment?

It depends on the type of equipment. You are certainly allowed to bring in small electric appliances and tools to use during your reservation time. Larger electrical equipment that will remain in the kitchen must be approved by the management based on power consumption and size of the equipment. Any gas equipment that requires an exhaust hood will not be allowed.
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