Kitchen Stations

The kitchen is divided into several stations, allowing multiple businesses to work at the same time.

Cooking Station

Equipment Included:
30-gallon Tilt Skillet
6-burner Range (with conventional oven)
36" Radiant Charbroiler
5-pan Convection Oven

Baking Station

Equipment Included:
10-pan Convection Oven
Bread Proofing Cabinet
25-quart Floor Mixer
20-pan Rack

Prep Station

No equipment included in this station, but have access to prep sink and electrical outlets for small tools and appliances

Flex Station

No equipment included in this station, but have access to electrical outlets for small tools and appliances


Food trucks or mobile carts can reserve the ware-wash area, separate from kitchen use.

Shared Equipment / Tools

Walk-in Cooler
Reach-in Cooler & Freezer
Blast Chiller
Stock Pots, Saute Pans, Sheet Pans, Various Utensils, NSF-grade cutting boards
SAAGE provides the infrastructure and support needed by an entrepreneur during their start-up phase and when they want to expand, allowing the opportunity to start from scratch and grow at their own pace. By using our kitchen a business owner will eliminate the need to purchase expensive equipment, sign a long-term lease, take on debt for remodeling, or many other risks that are expected when starting a business.

We welcome caterers, food vendors, bakers, confectioners, food trucks, farmers, food processors, personal chefs, confectioners, and many more food innovators to share our space to create their specialty products as well as support each other in a productive networking environment.

24/7 Keyed Access 

Reserve kitchen hours at any time of day or night. Anytime access to your storage for pick-up or drop-off, without extra charge.

Online Reservation Calendar

Our reservation calendar is updated several times a day so you always know kitchen availability.

Utilities Included

Water, Gas, Electricity, and (most importantly) WiFi! We take care of the bill, so you can just focus on your business.

Major + Minor Equipment

Our kitchen is divided into several stations. Your hourly rental includes use of all equipment at the station you choose. We also keep minor equipment, like sheet pans and stock pots, that are shared by members across all stations.

Regular Maintenance

We deep-clean the facility every week, as well as manage waste disposal, routine maintenance of equipment, cleaning of the grease trap, cleaning and maintenance of exhaust hoods, and fire alarm inspections.

Membership Packages

We have a package for every client! We can customize a-la-carte hourly rent for seasonal businesses and those who are just starting out. We also offer discounted rates for growing businesses who need a lot of hours in the kitchen.

Ware-Wash Area

Use of the ware-washing area is included in your kitchen rental time but can also be rented out separately without kitchen use.

Monthly Kitchen Rates

Our rates vary based on the kitchen stations you choose and your monthly kitchen use. We have several levels of membership and we can even customize a membership if your business needs go beyond our rate structure.

Your kitchen tour will be the perfect time to let us know your specific needs and pick a membership type that will fit you best.
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