Sourdough Bread Boules

(1/20) Sourdough Bread - Beginner Basics (Hands On Class)

SAT, JAN 20, 1pm - 4pm

Learn to make delicious sourdough bread from scratch, even if you're a newbie – join us for a hands-on, fun-filled beginner's workshop!




LEARN // In this 3-hour class we'll demystify the sourdough bread process and give you the confidence to start baking bread at home! You'll learn how to:

  • Maintain a sourdough starter
  • Make a basic sourdough bread dough at home
  • Properly shape, score and bake a rustic boule (round)
  • Utilize your sourdough discard

TAKE HOME // Guests will take home:

  • Two loaves of bread
  • A fresh sourdough loaf that you baked in class
  • A metal bowl of dough you shape to be baked at home the next day
  • Your own sourdough starter
  • Recipes and resources for your starter and "discard"
  • Suggestions for online and cookbook resources


MORE DETAILS on the eventbrite page. Click link above!



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